3-way charging pile
Brand:New arrow electron

Xjk-cdz series charging pile is a new battery car charging management system developed by our company. The charging pile adopts microelectronic technology, imported large-scale integrated circuit, digital sampling processing technology, SMT process and other advanced technologies. The charging pile has passed the test of a third-party authority and meets the corresponding national standards. The charging time of the battery car is controlled, the charging state is monitored in real time, the charging is abnormal, the power is cut off in time, and the power is cut off automatically after the battery is full. The product has the characteristics of simple and reliable installation, beautiful appearance, anti disassembly and anti damage.

Functional features

Charging short circuit protection

Automatic power off after charging

Alarm when the charging pile temperature is too high

3-way nixie tube respectively displays the remaining charging time of each way

One button start charging, no charge

The charging time is up to 480 minutes

Press and hold the number button for 3 seconds to close the corresponding digital channel

Use circuit breaker with leakage protector