Brand:New arrow electron

It is applicable to the welding control of lifting chain. It adopts single chip microcomputer technology to increase all-round protection and avoid damage to the machine tool. It can be equipped with touch screen

Technical indicators:

1. Determine the angle through the encoder, and control the operation of the welding machine and the action of external mechanical parts according to the set angle value.

2. Add frequency converter control

3. Manual, semi-automatic and automatic mode selection

4. Under automatic and semi-automatic States, the welding times are automatically accumulated and counted

5. Execute the control program according to the set angle parameters of each station and the fixed process

6. All input / output points are indicated by indicator lights, and the LCD / touch screen displays the current angle, the current station of the machine tool, alarm information, etc

7. The touch screen can be selected as the man-machine interface, and the controller adopts modular design to facilitate maintenance

8. Contactless output is adopted

9. Welding flow controller has been installed internally