Brand:New arrow electron

Product introduction:

It is applicable to new base stations requiring AC power distribution function or old base station reconstruction projects. This is a full-functional monitoring system, which is widely used in domestic and foreign markets.

Technical indicators:

Xjk-jz9f base station environment monitoring box is a special control box developed by the company for unattended base stations of communication departments. The monitoring box integrates the AC power distribution, base station environment monitoring, base station temperature control and other functional units of the base station equipment. The monitoring box is equipped with the base station environment monitoring board developed by our company. Complete functions, reliable operation and simple operation.

Split structure, nixie tube display.

① AC power distribution output: combined power supply, lighting, emergency light, standby, heater (optional), air conditioner 1, air conditioner 2, socket 1, socket 2.

② Environmental monitoring: there are 17 main monitoring items, including access control, smoke and fire, smoke sensing fault, overtemperature, water immersion, air conditioning fault, fan bank fault, mains power failure, heater fault, lightning arrester fault, temperature sensing fault, battery low voltage, standby 1 ~ 3, and 11 alarm dry contacts are output. The first mock exam can be expanded by 8 points.

③ Sensor: temperature sensor × 2. Temperature and humidity sensor × 1. Smoke sensor × 1. Immersion sensor × 1. Current sensor × 4. Access control sensor × 1. Mobile sensor × 1 (optional).

④ Host computer: in addition to monitoring, the host computer can also carry out on-site programming and upgrade embedded software programs; RS485 and RS232 interfaces are optional.

⑤ Real time clock: it can record historical fault information in real time and query it through the upper computer.

⑥ Temperature control principle: when the ambient temperature is too low, the heater is used for heating; When the ambient temperature is normal, no heating or cooling measures shall be taken; When the ambient temperature rises, first use the ventilation fan group to cool down; When the ambient temperature continues to rise, the air conditioner shall be used for cooling, and the two air conditioners shall work in turn; When one air conditioner cannot maintain the ambient temperature, start two air conditioners to work at the same time; When both air conditioners are damaged or AC power supply fails, enable DC fan for cooling. When the ambient temperature cannot be maintained within the normal range, an overtemperature alarm signal will be sent.

⑦ Ventilation fan: new ventilation fan groups of 2 in / 2 out, 4 in / 3 out and 6 in / 4 out can be freely selected according to the size of the shelter. The ventilation fan group has a built-in control board and outputs an alarm signal in case of abnormality.