NB smoke
Brand:New arrow electron

Nb-iot intelligent smoke alarm can detect a large amount of smoke generated during fire and send out alarm signals in time. Built in nb-iot wireless communication module, which can be connected to the intelligent fire cloud platform. The built-in buzzer of the alarm makes a strong sound after the alarm. At the same time, it has the silencing function. It is widely used in families, houses and various industrial fields.

Nb-iot intelligent smoke alarm adopts high-performance photoelectric sensor with special structure design, which can effectively detect the smoke generated in the initial combustion stage of fire or after fire. When the smoke enters the detection alarm, the light emitted by the infrared light source will be scattered, so that the photoelectric sensor will sense the light intensity. Through photoelectric conversion and program calculation, when the light intensity reaches the set threshold, the smoke detector will immediately send out a fire alarm signal: the fire confirmation light starts to flash, and the buzzer will send out an alarm sound of no less than 80dB (3m).

Functional features

The alarm has self inspection function, and sends audible and visual alarm signals during self inspection

The alarm has the functions of alarm, battery under power and fault status prompt.

Nb-iot network is used, with wide signal coverage and strong penetration

It is easy to install and maintain, and the alarm can be monitored in real time through mobile app

Low power consumption and long service life