Brand:New arrow electron

Product introduction:

It is suitable for high-grade heatless regeneration adsorption dryer. It automatically controls the operation of a / B two tower adsorption regeneration (4 valves), and the blue LCD screen displays

Technical indicators:

1. Rated voltage: AC 220V

2. The LCD indicator shows the current working state

3. Control the operation of 4 solenoid valves according to the set parameter values

4. With local remote control (optional)

5. Dew point detection and control function (optional)

6.2-channel temperature detection, temperature measurement range: 0-255 ℃, accuracy ± 2 ℃ (optional)

7. RS485 communication function (optional)

8. Overall dimension: 215 * 145 * 100, installation opening size: 210 * 140

9. Complete sets of cabinets can be customized according to customer needs