Brand:New arrow electron

Xjk-xg2j is a new product with high cost performance, low price, perfect performance, simple operation, reliable operation, intuitive display, convenient installation and generous appearance.

1. The operation of the equipment is controlled according to the time parameters set by the user, and three working modes of slight heat / no heat / self switching can be selected. During the self switching mode, when the operation is normal, enter the slight heat mode, do not stop the machine in case of failure, and turn to the no heat mode to continue working.

2. Heater temperature detection and display, shield heater detection and display function under no heat working mode.

3. The heater temperature sensing fault detection function is added to ensure the safety and reliability of the product.

4. Digital brightness adjustable; Working time forward / countdown optional; Temperature display unit ℃ / ° f optional; Fault signal input N.O. / N.C. optional.

5. Remote control signal 2 points / 3 points optional; Whether the power on is self starting is optional; Positive / negative valve mode is optional.

6. Compared with the previous digital display products, this product has greatly enhanced readability and more comprehensive functions.

7. Local / remote control (optional), memory tower a and Tower B work, intelligent switching function.

8. Fault code and shutdown code prompt are added to facilitate customers to find the cause of fault or shutdown.