Brand:New arrow electron

Xjk-xg2e4 micro heat regenerative adsorption dryer controller is an improved version of xjk-xg2e3 micro heat regenerative adsorption dryer controller. It adopts blue LCD display and specially improves the anti-interference performance of the product to meet the needs of customers for on-site use.

The controller adopts PIC single chip microcomputer technology, which can control the adsorption and regeneration of tower a and Tower B of the adsorption dryer according to the time set by the user, and control the operation of the external heater. The operation is simple, the work is reliable, the display is intuitive and clear, and the appearance is beautiful and generous.

Technical indicators

1. Control of adsorption and regeneration cycle of tower a and Tower B

2. Heater operation control

3. Multi channel temperature detection and display

4. Dew point display and control (optional)

five point one two eight × 32 dot matrix LCD blue screen display

6. Fault detection and alarm output

7. Local / remote control (optional)

8. Upper computer monitoring (optional)