Brand:New arrow electron

The controller of xjk-xg3pro waste heat regeneration dryer adopts 32-bit arm and Cortex-M3 core chip. It is a new product with high cost performance, low price and perfect performance. It uses the heat generated by air compression to heat the dryer in the regeneration tower and make it analytical desorption, which can minimize energy consumption; It not only has the characteristics of micro heat dryer, but also has its own unique advantages. It is an energy-saving dryer. The controller can realize the adjustment of various operating parameters, full-automatic control, convenient operation and reliable performance. The standard Modbus RTU communication protocol is used to communicate with the upper computer, and the operation parameters, operation status and other information of the equipment are uploaded to the upper computer to realize remote centralized monitoring. The controller display panel adopts 4.3-inch color touch screen, combined with key operation.

major function

1) Control the operation of the equipment according to the time parameters set by the user.

2) It can store 4 sets of operating parameters to simplify the setting operation of the controller as much as possible.

3) 4.3-inch color touch screen display can more intuitively display the working process and equipment working status.

4) The clock function, operation record and fault record function are added.

5) The heater temperature sensing fault detection function ensures the safety and reliability of the product.

6) The detection function of valve feedback point is added to ensure that the equipment can work safely and reliably.

7) All output points can be manually tested to facilitate regular maintenance and inspection of the equipment.

8) Remote control signal 2 points / 3 points optional; Whether the power on is self starting is optional;.

9) Local / remote control (optional), memory tower a and Tower B work, intelligent switching function.

10) The shutdown reason prompt is added to facilitate customers to find faults or shutdown reasons.