Application field

Environmental monitoring system


The environmental monitoring controller developed and produced by our company is widely used in temperature and humidity control and safety monitoring of communication base stations, machine rooms and emergency communication vehicles. Its stability and reliability have been unanimously recognized in the industry.

The above figure shows the application of environmental monitoring system in emergency communication vehicle

In view of the high energy consumption caused by the long-term use of air conditioning in the base station, we have developed the intelligent ventilation system of the base station to judge whether to turn on the fan or air conditioning according to the detected ambient temperature, so as to achieve the effect of energy conservation and emission reduction. According to the calculation, the use of intelligent ventilation system can save 30% - 60% of power (different according to the ambient temperature). The system has been successfully exported to North America, Europe and Africa, and has been highly praised by telecom equipment manufacturers and operators.

The above is the intelligent ventilation system installed in the communication base station