Application field

Control system of compressed air dryer


We have more than 20 years of experience in R & D and production of compressed air dryer controller, "new arrow" brand enjoys a high reputation in the industry. Our control system is not only used for the control system of ordinary cold dryer, non heat dryer and micro heat dryer, but also widely used for the control of modular dryer, combined dryer, blast micro heat dryer and waste heat zero gas consumption dryer.

Under the general trend of energy conservation and emission reduction, we introduce dew point control into the control of dryer. When the detected dew point value is lower than the set value, the adsorption time will be automatically extended, so as to reduce the consumption of finished gas. The control system of waste heat zero gas consumption dryer has reached a new level in energy conservation and emission reduction: the waste heat generated by the compressor is used to achieve heating, which greatly saves the consumption of electric energy.


Modular dryer control system