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Xjk-lx2 manual (v1.0) A5 printing
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Hangzhou Xinjian Electronics Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest manufacturers in China to develop and produce programmable controllers - the programmable controller branch of Hangzhou Machine Tool Electrical Appliance Factory. It has been more than 20 years since its establishment in 1997. It has built a five storey plant of more than 3000 square meters and has a software and hardware development technical team with rich practical experience, It has gradually formed its own distinctive technical characteristics, and can customize multi-functional and low-cost industrial control solutions for users at the fastest speed.

The company has established a complete ISO9001 total quality management system, and a variety of products have passed CE certification. All products have independent intellectual property rights and a number of invention patents, utility model patents and software copyrights. They are high-tech enterprises in key areas supported by the state.

The company adheres to the localization road of independent development; Learn from the advantages of foreign products, customize and develop a series of low-cost, multi-functional and highly reliable special controllers according to customer requirements, and have been applied in many industries, such as base station environmental monitoring, compressed air purification, chain collision welding, filter press, air compression, water treatment, textile, printing and dyeing, printing, programmed fountain, rubber vulcanization and so on.

The non heat, slight heat and combined dryer controller, cold dryer controller and chain butt welder control system independently developed and produced by the company are well-known brands in China and enjoy a high reputation in the industry.

The purpose of the company is to meet the needs of users, think about the needs of users, constantly launch new products to meet the requirements of users, and constantly improve the service level to users. At the same time, the company also pays attention to the improvement of its own technology and is developing in the direction of industrial Internet of things and wireless transmission, so as to explore new application fields.